Electrolysis vs. Laser

Electrolysis vs. Laser

Why electrolysis works better than laser *

Many advertisements imply that electrolysis and laser are equally effective. This is far from the truth.

legs_fiveLaser denatures hair cells with heat. That heat must be delivered to the matrix cells at the hair root under the skin. The laser energy, however, subjects the entire skin surface to the heat, leaving you with possible side effects (i.e. burning). In addition, sufficient energy is not assured to reach the root bulb for necessary treatment. Higher currents may be used to achieve results but with increased risks of burning the skin. By the way, you must have dark hair on light skin to use laser at all; even then permanent removal is not achieved, though regrowth can be reduced. So looking at those lovely legs in the picture, only the woman on the left might be a good candidate for laser.

Therefore the FDA has prohibited laser hair removal practices from advertising their services as permanent or painless. Check the information for yourself at the FDA website on laser facts and the American Electrology Association (AEA) official website.

Anecdotal evidence is emerging that suggests laser removal triggers new unwanted hair growth on women’s chin & upper lip and on men’s shoulders. Reputable laser practitioners refrain from treating these areas and appropriately re-direct consumers to the professional electrologist.

Long-term effects of laser use have not been evaluated (the R in laser stands for radiation). If laser does succeed in hair reduction, at a point further treatments become ineffective; the hair grows in either sporadically or lighter in color.

The current is applied directly to the cells surrounding the hair’s root bulb effectively cutting off its blood supply, thus its ability to regenerate. The epidermis (top layer) of the skin is left untouched and healthy. Electrolysis is unique; the current is sent directly to the root bulb resulting in the cells that feed the hair being destroyed without contact to the skin’s epidermis. All hair and skin shades can be effectively treated because electrolysis is not dependent on hair pigment and skin contrast, from coarse dark hairs to vellus peach fuzz. Electrolysis is time tested and proven.

* Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Becker Electrology Clinic in Boulder, Colorado delivers experienced and advanced treatments with the only safe and certain permanent solution to unwanted hair. From the eyebrows to your toes, all are safely and gently eliminated in a professional, private and sanitary environment.

Using electrolysis when the hair in anagen (growth phase) results in effective permanent hair removal. The root bulb/blood vessel complex is severed and destroyed with the appropriate current without damage to surface of the skin. Coarse hairs become finer, lighter and weaker, then permanently gone! An added benefit of electrolysis is calming overactive sebaceous (oil) glands found in the follicle and nearby sudoriferous (sweat) glands.

For more information, look at our chart comparing electrology and laser.

Causes of Unwanted Hair

Idiopathic hirsutism or excess hair growth is caused by several factors usually in combination.

  • Genetic predisposition– heredity and ethnic origins
  • Natural Hormonal Shifts– secondary sex characteristics often appear during hormonal surges (puberty, pregnancy, menopause)
  • Medication side effects
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Men also exhibit normal hormonal shifts and genetic predisposition. Often as hair loss occurs, body hair appears on shoulders, ears and top of nose. Electrolysis solves this annoying problem keeping you youthful and well groomed.

Young adult men experience formation of unibrow at a sensitive, self-conscious time of life. Electrolysis resolves this for a lifetime.

Surgeries and stress trigger adrenaline, increasing androgen production a precursor of testosterone.

The Permanent Solution to Unwanted Hair

smooth_faceGet the facts from a professional who understands the anatomy of the skin and the science of hirsutism. You’ll be convinced that electrolysis is the best hair removal option.

Shelley Becker (CPE, LE) respects the sensitive nature of unwanted, unsightly hair and offers a private, caring environment to resolve the problem. Have smooth, soft skin now and always.

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