Permanent Hair Removal for Men

Permanent Hair Removal Geared to Men

For Ears, Shoulders, Back and Unibrow


    Feel confident and comfortable at the gym and on the beach. Many men choose electrolysis to eliminate unappealing hair on the back, shoulder, chest, abdomen, tailbone, arms, ears, unibrow and cheekbones.

    Back and Shoulders: Shaving or waxing body hair is difficult to do yourself and leads to ingrown hairs and constant regrowth. Electrolysis reverses the damage done, resulting in smooth skin.

    Ear, Top of Nose: Be well groomed and masculine. Adult men (and some women) find unwanted hair rimming their ears. Be rid of this nuisance permanently through electrolysis, FDA approved for permanence.

    Eyebrows: Get a clean and natural look. Click here for more information on eyebrow shaping.

    Razor Bumps: Pseudo folliculitis barbae is painful and can leave scars, especially on the neck and Adam’s apple. Electrolysis treats the follicle that produces the irritating hair. No more bumps!