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Electrolysis Consultation

Individual treatment plans are based on private consultation with your personal electrologist. The duration of appointments is unique to you and your objectives.

I know from personal experience the difference electrolysis makes by improving self image and confidence.” – Shelley Becker, Certified Professional Electrologist

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Flexible day, evening and weekend appointments. Conveniently located in North Boulder. LGBT welcome.

Becker Electrology Clinic
(720) 448-2799 (text or call)

Electrolysis Laser Tweezing, Waxing, Shaving, Threading, Depilatories
Permanent YES NO NO
FDA & AMA Approved YES NO Temporary
Skin & Hair Types Effective for All Restricted to dark, coarse hair on light skin Often causes inflammation, ingrown hairs, and distorted follicles
Triggers New Growth NEVER YES YES
Target Papilla
(nourishment to hair)
Pain Tolerable Tolerable Painful